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  • Welcome to Good Karma Pet Rescue!

    Good Karma Pet Rescue is a network of foster homes in South Florida dedicated to providing dogs and cats in need with the love and care they need and deserve. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

    GK was started in early 2011 by Stacey Tollackson Chen, who decided that she could best provide for her foster animals by starting a rescue that aims for high quality care rather than high volume. We intend to stay as small as we need to be to ensure that every one of our foster animals is treated with the same care and respect we show our own furry family.

    GK is based in Fort Lauderdale and is supported by wonderful, dedicated foster parents throughout the South Florida area. If you are interested in helping to save lives through volunteering, fostering, or adopting, please get in touch with us!


We found out that our cute little fluffy puppy Beckham needs a serious and seriously expensive surgery to survive. He needs to have his intestines moved back into place and his diaphragmatic hernia repaired so his lungs can expand. Right now they are collapsed and he struggles for breath. Surgery is expected to cost up to $4800. Please help Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida to save Beckham by contributing. <3

Tiger Lily was found on the street one day by one of our volunteers. There are lots of stray cats, we realize, but this one was just so friendly and outgoing. And HUNGRY! She came right up to anyone who even looked at her, rubbing against their legs and purring. Thankfully she is no longer scrounging for food on the street, but she is still looking for her forever home! Watch her special video.:)

On Saturday, January 23 we had a wonderful get-together of fosters and former Good Karma dogs. It was such a success that we plan on making it an annual tradition! It was so wonderful for our fosters and volunteers to reunite with the dogs (and cat!) that they have helped over the years. It was also awesome to see canine siblings reuniting, and a few of the hoarding house rescue dogs got to see how awesome they are all doing in their respective homes.  Here are a few photos!



Our public service announcement regarding an adopter from 2013 named LAURIE WEST who lives in Dunnellon or Ocala, Florida. Since we shared this, we have been told that people have seen her online SELLING BOXER PUPPIES as well. Please make sure you do not adopt to this woman.

This is her contact information, likely out of date:

Laurie West
9776 SW 156th Place
Dunnellon, FL 34432
Phone: 3528952557



“Dear Santa: I hope you can help me. I’ve been without a “forever home” since the summer. I was running around on the street, trying to find enough to eat, when some nice person picked me up. Since then, I’ve had a full belly and lots of love, but I’m sad no one wants to adopt me. I’m pretty easy to please. I really just want a kind person and a warm lap to snuggle in. I’m about eight years old and a Papillon/chihuahua mix. I just had a dental cleaning, so when I give kisses, they are minty fresh! I do well with other dogs and cats too. Please send my forever family to take me home this Christmas! Love, Pia”

“Dear Santa: Please find me a forever family! I am a very good girl, and everyone says I’m pretty too. I get along with everyone in my foster family, from the kids to the Maltese. I even like cats! I’m so happy I don’t have to live outside anymore.. I love to go on walks, but then it’s air conditioning time for me! My perfect forever family would take me on adventures and give me a nice soft bed to take my naps on. I am about seven years old, so I have plenty of years to give more love!  Also, after you find the forever family, please send some more squirrels to my yard. They’re amazing to watch. Thank you! Yours, Emma Bulldog”

“Dear Santa: Greetings from your biggest calico fan, Mimosa! I was found on the street as a pretty miserable little kitty. I was covered in mange, which means that instead of fur I pretty much was covered in crust! As I got better, my looks and my personality blossomed! I am now a gorgeous kitty, inside and out! I get along with all the other foster kitties in the house, and even have been known to break up fights between the other cats. I was scared of the dog at first, but now I like to snuggle with him on his bed. My foster mama said she would love to keep me, but I’m too good a cat to keep; I have too much love to share with a forever family! For Christmas, please find me a home who will appreciate me for the sweet, loving, easy-going kitty that I am. Also, a couple of dead things to play with would be nice. Thanks!”


This is Badger and Mouse! They are brothers, if you couldn’t tell from the resemblance! They are such little characters! Our volunteers have a Facebook group where we chat, and I always look forward to their updates. You can see more pictures and the letter they penned to Santa here: Badger & Mouse’s Letter to Santa


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Thank you so much for giving these animals a moment of your time. Please pass this email on, and if you are open to adopt, foster, or volunteer, let us know! Have a wonderful holiday and New Year! Stay tuned… we have lots more animals to help in 2016 in beyond, and we’ll need your help!


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