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Why I hate breeders. Especially pit bull breeders.


This is Lilo. She was likely a backyard breeder dog. Literally, a backyard. The way she acts she very likely spent her whole life outside.. getting to come indoors was an adjustment for her. She has badly cropped ears and boobies that hang to the ground from all the puppies she nursed. This dog is so sweet, and so thankful for every little thing she gets. Now she spends as little time as possible outside, probably remembering when she was left outside neglected and ignored. Lilo is looking for a forever home.

Lilo is an approximately 4-5 year old girl pit bull. We have spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped her. She has cropped ears and a heart-shaped mark on her head. She is a big, imposing girl… but very, very sweet. So happy to be living indoors, so happy to get food and toys and love. Gets along great with all the dogs at the foster home, from the pug to the pit. Deserves so much better than she got for most of her life so far, so if you are interested in adopting Lilo and giving her the world, apply at:

So anyway. A breeder gets a dog like Lilo, treats her badly, mutilates her (cropped ears = mutilation), ignores her, and makes her have puppies.

Then what happens to the puppies? They’re sold.. to people who may abandon them months later in a shelter (unvaccinated, always).. to people who may breed the dog themselves.. to people who may do worse.. to anyone who coughs up the money.

An example of one of those puppies is Bracho. I received Bracho’s photo in my email yesterday, an email from the local shelter who was looking for a rescue to take this dog in.

Bracho at our vet’s office:

Bracho was left in a crate full of standing water, urine, and feces for approximately three days, as the shelter advised. He had edema (swelling) in all four paws from the extensive water contact. Worse, he has bone deformities, likely caused by abuse in the form of being closely confined too much during his short life plus neglect in the form of poor nutrition. Another explanation is that he was fed a low-protein and high-calcium diet in a misguided (stupid) attempt to grow him into a “low rider” pit. Oh, and OF COURSE his ears were cropped. I didn’t realize that from the shelter photos, so when I first got a photo from the vet’s office that showed his cropped ears, it was like salt on a wound. I can’t explain it. It’s just maddening that so so so much is heaped on these poor dogs. It never ends for them. And the stupidity! Why go to the trouble of doing some horrible misguided cosmetic procedure on a dog that you aren’t even, you know, FEEDING correctly?

It seems that most stories of horrible abuse are always about pit bull or staffordshire mixes. Example: I did a search for “dog abandoned in standing water” to get information on how it affects their paws, and a story comes up about two dogs left behind in a garage for a month after the owners moved out. What breed of dog were they? Staffordshires, OF COURSE. Story:

So now Bracho has deformed legs which we hope will improve with high quality nutrition and physical therapy. Bracho eats ravenously and guards his food like so many who have lived with empty bellies. His ears will always be mutilated.

Yet, Bracho is still as sweet as can be. He’s tentative with people, like so many sweet dogs who have been treated badly by the people they’ve known, yet he’s still accepting of love and affection. He still wants to play tug and run around with his toys, even though his gait is heartbreaking.

Stories like Bracho’s make me curse the breeders and the pit bull “lovers” and breeders who are actually pit bull exploiters and abusers. Why on earth go to the trouble of breeding a dog, or buying a dog, and then treating him like this? Chopping off his ears, denying him proper nutrition and then, inexplicably, abandoning him in a crate full of standing water and filth? I just don’t understand.

Bracho is about four months old and 18 lbs. He will be fostered by our vet’s tech, Roxanne, who looks forward to helping him get to as close as 100% as he can be. He is going to be happy from here on out. But I shudder to think of what happened to Bracho’s littermates, or what happens to dogs like Bracho every day who are not so lucky as to be discovered by the authorities.

If you want to adopt Bracho, fill out an application at: He will be ready for adoption in 2-3 months, we hope. If you would like to help a dog like Bracho by opening your home to foster, fill out an application here: We rescue cats too! If you would like to offer your financial support for Bracho and dogs like him, you can send a donation to our PO Box or via PayPal to

You can follow Bracho’s story by becoming a fan of our Facebook page at:

UPDATE: Bracho has been adopted and is doing great!!!