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The Home Depot Garden Center kittens!

We got an email a few weeks ago from someone who was taking care of some kitties at a Home Depot garden center in Deerfield Beach. Although the feral mama was doing alright there, of course no one wanted to see five kittens growing up on the street if they could be rescued. Here is one of the pictures we received of the kittens in a flower pot.

We made room, and one night two lovely ladies named Bridgitte and Karen worked to trap the kittens for us.

Here are the kittens just a day off the street. Now in mid-May they are about 7 weeks old and we are looking for forever homes for them. South Florida folks can apply at

We are also looking for sponsors for each of these kittens. If you would like to sponsor one of the kittens to help out with supplies and vet care, we ask for just a $25 donation. The kitten will then be “your” special kitten, and you will get a photo of the kitten with a thank-you card in the mail. Please click here to sponsor a kitten, and let us know in the comments which kitten you want to sponsor!

Here is Jacinta, a gorgeous Russian blue mix who is the most outgoing of the bunch.

Here is Jasmine! She’s a super cute grey & white kitten. 🙂

This is Dahlia, a sweet black kitten who is the tiny girl of the litter.

This is Lenox, who looks just like Jacinta.

And here is the last little guy, named Clove. He’s a black & white kitten and one most upset with me for confusing him with this whole shelter & food thing. 😀

Thankfully our friends at Lady Luck Animal Rescue helped to get the mama fixed just a couple of days after the kittens were trapped, so now she’s going to be much better off — no more babies for her, and she can use all her time & efforts to keep herself healthy instead of worrying about kittens.  Follow us on Facebook to watch their happy endings find them! 🙂

Update 8/12: They are all in homes now! Dahlia went all the way to Ohio to find her forever home. We could not be happier for this little group of formerly feral kittens! 🙂