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The Good (Karma) News! Rescue Spotlight – Spice’s Story

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Meet Spice, a mystery mix puppy who has become very special to many of us at Good Karma Pet Rescue. Read her story and please help us give her the happy
ending she deserves!

Spice is a puppy rescued from the Everglades area who needs our help. She has an inoperable but (hopefully) manageable case of liver shunts. Read her story below. So far, her vet bills have been over $2,000 and she will remain in foster care until she finds a forever home to accept this special needs puppy and her vet bill will grow.

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Sadly, we are nowhere near our fundraising goal. Please consider making a donation at her FUNDRAISING PAGE. If you have had experience with a dog with inoperable liver shunts and care to share any guidance, please contact us!

1. RESCUE: This is the photo we received from some folks in the Redlands. These pups were abandoned on their property and they were asking for help. They were shivering in the rain outside. There was no way we could say no. We had them see our vet, Dr. Simon, right away and we began treatment for internal & external parasites. These puppies were wide-eyed and terrified, but responded quickly to the TLC we gave them.
3. DIAGNOSIS: Although the first couple of days, we were not sure if she would make it, Spice thankfully pulled through. She then spent two weeks hospitalized with Dr. Simon, where we ran lots and lots (and lots) of tests. Then, finally,¬†we scheduled an ultrasound which confirmed Dr. Simon’s suspicion that Spice had liver shunts. As she began to feel better, she came off the IV and her her sweet personality started to shine through. She won over everyone at the clinic.
2. ILLNESS STRIKES: The puppies went to fosters. The two thrived. Unfortunately, the puppy called Spice did not. She visited the Dr. Simon a number of times where her failure to gain weight was cause for worry. We continued to treat her stubborn internal parasites. Then one Friday, Spice crashed. She was brought to the clinic with a swollen abdomen and so weak she could barely lift her head. Spice was in critical condition.
4: LIFE GOES ON: Although Spice’s liver shunts are not the kind that can be surgically corrected, we hope that through careful care and a special diet, we can help her to live a long and healthy life. As you see, she was looking much healthier at the time of discharge to her new foster mom. We are now experimenting with a diet that contains a low amount of high-quality protein, which hopefully her compromised liver can handle. Stay tuned for developments in Spice’s story.

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