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Saved from the streets of Miami – Marty & King

One of our lovely volunteers, Katie, called to say she had seen two cute little dogs on the street and at least one of them seemed to be in very bad shape. Of course we said yes we’d help if she could get them, so before and after going to work as an attorney she would go by their neighborhood wit treats. She said there was a little white one and then a darker one. The darker one loved her off the bat but the white one was very scared and would stand back and bark. She did not want to take one without the other since they only had one another, so she patiently went by every couple of days to try to make friends. One day some people from the neighborhood saw her and came and told her the dogs’ owner had gone to rehab and just left the dogs to live on the street. It would appear the white one was finding food or being fed, but the dark one was not so lucky. Thankfully it was around this time that the white one started to come around to Katie so that day she was able to nab them.

Here is the darker one, who is now known as King:

He was missing a lot of fur and was emaciated. The vet said he should weigh at least 30 lbs and he weighed 18. :/ King was anemic, dehydrated, had swollen intestines… He was in such sorry shape that the vet said the skin was the least of his concerns.

Here is the white one (he was grey!), now known as Marty:

As hesitant as Marty was to make friends with Katie, once she had the leash on him and got him into the car he turned out to be a lovebug. This is an hour of so after Marty got off the street:

Here is King.. Sorry for the bad pic! But it shows that he has a little spaniel face. We’re thinking he’s a cocker and is going to be a gorgeous boy when he fills out and gets fur! 🙂

They spent their first night in Katie’s bathroom and seemed so happy to be warm and indoors.. This is when it was in the 50s at night… not as bad as some places in the country, but poor King had no fur.. poor guy was probably freezing. They both had lots of ticks and fleas too. 🙁

King stayed with Katie since he is going to need a longer time to be ready to be adopted. Every picture she sends, he’s wearing something cozy to keep him warm until his fur grows in- it’s so cute. Katie said that even after the fur comes in, she’ll keep putting little sweaters and shirts on him since he really seems to like it. He runs right over and puts his head up when he sees she has something for him to wear! 🙂

After a few baths, Marty went on to another foster home where he settled right in with the crew of cats & dogs. Look how cute and WHITE he is! 🙂

Here is Marty when he went to get neutered at Stray Aid ( which we could not recommend more. The folks at Stray Aid immediately started calling him Brian (Family Guy anyone?) and could not have loved him more. Diane, here in the photo, Stray Aid’s founder, actually offered to foster him until he finds his forever home, so that’s where he is now. 🙂 Marty tested positive for two tick-borne diseases but is getting the care he needs and could not be happier. Marty/Brian is described as the sweetest little dog.. loves his people, loves his dogs.. Who could believe that just weeks ago he was fending for himself on the street?

King is recovering with Katie’s help and the excellent care of Dr. Hynes at DPC Veterinary in Hollywood. He has put on almost 6 lbs already and his condition is starting to improve. Katie describes King as the easiest, best dog. He is so content to be inside, snuggling on comfortable beds and furniture. He never has accidents and never creates mischief when she’s gone… He is just a content little guy and so sweet. He goes back to see the vet next week and we’re hoping for a good update so we can start looking for a forever home for him. Katie would keep him if he were not such a perfect dog.. yes, you read that right! She said he’s just such a sweet, easy dog that he’ll get scooped up in no time.. she will reserve her dog space for the harder dogs… for the dogs that come off the street with anemia and no fur… yes, she’s a selfless girl!

Another of King… ooh, he’s going to be one handsome dog!

We will get updated pix of King soon and hoping to share good news about Marty/Brian soon too. Please keep King in mind for anyone looking for a sweet little dog- and cat-friendly dog who will be forever grateful for the good life he has come into.

And if this story touched you, please consider becoming a foster home.. For Good Karma or a rescue closer to your home. The only way these happy endings come about is with the help of caring folks like Katie who open their home and hearts to these unfortunate dogs and cats. Katie has something to be very proud of… without her going to the trouble it took to befriend, capture, and help these dogs, they would still be suffering on the street or worse. Live long & foster! 🙂


King is looking so much better! The fur has a ways to go and we are still trying to pin down why King won’t gain more weight (he’s gained about 5 lbs) but he is looking and feeling so much better. His foster mom can’t say enough good things about him. He seems very, very grateful to be in a warm, loving environment and is laid-back and sweet. 🙂

Marty, now Brian, has been adopted! His foster mom decided she could not part with him and now he’s part of her family. See how well he fits right in?