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  • Welcome to Good Karma Pet Rescue!

    Good Karma Pet Rescue is a network of foster homes in South Florida dedicated to providing dogs and cats in need with the love and care they need and deserve. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

    GK was started in early 2011 by Stacey Tollackson Chen, who decided that she could best provide for her foster animals by starting a rescue that aims for high quality care rather than high volume. We intend to stay as small as we need to be to ensure that every one of our foster animals is treated with the same care and respect we show our own furry family.

    GK is based in Fort Lauderdale and is supported by wonderful, dedicated foster parents throughout the South Florida area. If you are interested in helping to save lives through volunteering, fostering, or adopting, please get in touch with us!


We know the holidays can put a dent in all our pockets, so we want to share ways you can get your holiday shopping done and support our cause at the same time. Visit our “Shop for a Cause” page to view a few retailers (including Amazon) where you can use our referral links to help us raise funds for our animals!

It’s that time again! B14462768_10208769400085607_2561511963870678535_narktoberfest is around the corner on October 30th at Funky Buddha Brewery. The famous Barktoberfest raffle tickets are now available online. We get to keep 100% of the proceeds sold on our site to help with our veterinary bills. Whether you’re near or far, you don’t have to be present to win a raffle prize!

There are two raffle ticket options: General Raffle Tickets (1 for $5/3 for $10) or Winner’s Choice Travel Tickets ($20 Each).

To support this fundraiser and have a chance to win some AWESOME prizes, click here.



14291639_1064051310338577_5255346513851459488_nWant to know a SUPER easy way to help us raise funds for our endless medical bills? It won’t cost you any time or money! If you’re like us, you might place a few orders on Amazon a month…ok, maybe per week. 🙂

All you have to do before you make your usual purchases is to click our link below. We can earn up to 8% back on all qualified purchases!  Make sure you bookmark that link for easy access!

These four puppies on the left (Pep, Papi Jr., Lala, and Rosa) were just recently rescued by our awesome volunteers after they were bought from a homeless person. Aren’t they ADORABLE?

We are a non-profit 501c3 animal rescue in Fort Lauderdale, in the South Florida area, rescuing dogs, cats, and other domestic pets. We appreciate your support!

We also have a new tab on our website above called SHOP WITH A CAUSE to help direct you to all of the awesome businesses that help support our rescue when we direct shoppers to their sites. The Amazon link is also on that page, along with info from and other sites.


Robert came to our event yesterday looking for one kitten… He left with two adult cats! How awesome is that?

Thelma & Louise were abandoned by their owners when they moved. The poor girls were left outside to fend for themselves. Luckily, one of our volunteers scooped them up and began looking for a perfect home for them.

It’s not easy finding homes for adult cats especially during kitten season. The foster was crying happy tears as they left. It was such a special moment. This every special adoption really made our day! Thank you for choosing to adopt, Robert! And especially for giving some not-kittens a chance. 🙂


We found out that our cute little fluffy puppy Beckham needs a serious and seriously expensive surgery to survive. He needs to have his intestines moved back into place and his diaphragmatic hernia repaired so his lungs can expand. Right now they are collapsed and he struggles for breath. Surgery is expected to cost up to $4800. Please help Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida to save Beckham by contributing. <3