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Our Wish List!

We had a nice woman contact us wanting to know if we had a wish list of items we need for our rescued animals. I hadn’t had anything posted, so here we go!


Dry Cat Food ~ We usually Science Diet and mix in whatever other brands we get donated when that happens. Iams and Purina One are good ones on our cats’ tummies. We welcome any brands, however; if it isn’t something we can use, we save it for our friends in Hollywood at Cat Pals, who feed 100+ stray/feral cats every day!

Wet Cat Food ~ Kittens need wet food at least twice a day! Science Diet, Fancy Feast, Wellness, etc. Any brands welcome!

Meyerson’s Goat’s Milk (canned) ~ Our little ones that still want to nurse appreciate some goat’s milk; can be bought at most grocery stores in the canned milk aisle

KMR kitten formula ~ we don’t have any bottle babies right now, but if you have some kitten or puppy formula to donate, we will be sure to get it to a rescue who can use it!



Advantage Flea Medicine: Extra Large Dog Version ~ we can use this to treat both our rescue dogs and our rescue cats by measuring out the appropriate dose, so this is a very cost effective way of treating our pets for fleas! Can be bought at Pet Supermarket, Petsmart, etc.

Nutri-Cal for Cats: Great for giving an extra boost of energy & vitamins to sick kitties, can buy at any pet store.

Unflavored Pedialyte

Flea Combs

Cotton balls



Toys: Any and all sorts of toys! Scratching toys, little mousies, little things with bells. Our foster kitties just love any and all toys!
Beds: Washable, please!

Chewies: We go through a lot of rawhide chewies for our dogs in the rescue, so that is always a good donation!
Weewee pads
Tasty treats to put in Kong’s to keep foster dogs happy & occupied
Toys ~ washable is best

Towels, blankets, sheets, pillowcases ~ used and washed are PERFECT!



Paper towels!

Spray cleanser with bleach


Laundry soap

Cat Litter (any kind)

Litter pans

Cardboard box bottoms, such as the kind wet cat food is sold in. We use these as disposable cat litter pans

Garbage bags – 33 gallon is perfect




Copy paper

Gift cards to Kinko’s, etc. for foster homes to make records copies



Small pet carriers

Food & water bowls ~ untippable or non-skid are best

Cat & dog collars

Ziploc baggies (sandwich size)

Used prescription bottles ~ these are great for passing along liquids/dewormers/dips, etc. to our foster homes

Paper plates

Live traps for TNR program

Pet store gift cards ~ so our foster homes can get what they most need!

Brushes ~ dog or cat

Surgical gloves