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Throughout the month of December, we are going to share some of our very favorite rescue stories from 2014, to celebrate everything we have accomplished and show why it’s so important to support animal rescue organizations like ours.  Today, you are going to meet Lady Gwen Stacy.  Her forever mommy Karen writes:




“Lady Gwen Stacy was surrendered to a South Florida animal control shelter by an elderly man. Gwen was a 12-year-old black cat. The man seemed distraught about surrendering her, and brought a bag of dry food and 3 cans of cat food for her. A friend of the rescue, Chris, was at the shelter picking up a dog when she witnessed the heartbreaking scene. She could tell that the man clearly cared about Gwen and was sad to give her up, so he was giving her the little he could. He also seemed to be hopeful that Gwen would be rehomed, which Chris knew wasn’t likely. Black cats have notoriously back luck at the shelter since people walk right past them to find kitties of other colors. Add to her color the fact she was a senior, and Chris knew right away that this cat had very little chance.

“Chris sprang into action, without even getting an actual glance of the cat in the carrier.  She shared Gwen’s story with Dorian, the founder of Your Daily Cute and our transport partner with the Cute Transport Network. Dorian contacted the shelter to see how we could help the poor senior kitty. We were told that Miss Gwen was aggressive towards the vet, so she was immediately death listed. We knew how stressed out animals at the shelter can be, and figured, based upon the man’s loving demeanor towards Gwen, that she was just a terrified girl in that scary place. Dorian pleaded with the shelter to give us a day to find a foster or home for Gwen, and they were nice enough to agree. They told us they would hold her for one day but not longer. As the word spread around Facebook about Lady Gwen, foster papa extraordinaire Kyle stepped up to foster and we were able to bust her out of the shelter. It was a last-minute miracle for old Gwen!

“All the way in Maryland, Karen Ross saw Gwen’s picture and story, and fell in love with her, and applied with us to adopt Miss Gwen! After a few weeks of R&R at Kyle’s Animal House, Miss Gwen began the journey to her forever home with the volunteers of Cute Transport Network.

“Lady Gwen now resides happily as a Maryland resident. Karen says she is the queen of the castle and is the official greeter when anyone comes to visit. It gets pretty cold in Maryland, so Miss Gwen even has her own heated bed.”

We are so happy that little Miss Gwen’s story did NOT end sadly and in a shelter. This was truly an awesome example of what teamwork can accomplish.

Gwen’s story is one that was so darn unlikely that even we were amazed by it. A black cat. A senior black cat. Who was labeled as aggressive. But she found a home, even if we had to get her to Maryland! Want to help us to keep making happy stories like Gwen’s happen?  Go here to donate: HTTP://WWW.YOUCARING.COM/NONPROFITS/GOOD-KARMA-END-OF-2014-FUNDRAISER/271509

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Gwen’s information, sent from the shelter:

Gwen enjoying a sweet retirement in Maryland, in her cozy little heated bed!