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Our Favorite 2014 Rescue Stories – Raisin Bran

Throughout the month of December, we are going to share some of our very favorite rescue stories from 2014, to celebrate everything we have accomplished and show why it’s so important to support animal rescue organizations like ours. First, meet Raisin Bran. I saw Raisin Bran’s photo in a shelter outreach mass email and I couldn’t get over her sad face and defeated body language. Even though she was in a small shelter outside of Tallahassee, once we decided to help her, distance meant nothing. Amazingly, one of our fosters (and adopters) Nikki and her husband Brian stepped up to help Raisin Bran, even though they had no opportunity to meet her before she arrived at their home. Nikki writes Raisin Bran’s story here:

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“Raisin Bran (now Bailey) was the first dog we rescued from the shelter in Wakulla. She was found eating deer corn in someones back yard and was trapped and brought to the shelter. Unfortunately they don’t have public adoptions in the Wakulla facility (luckily a rescue group named Cauzican works with them to help get the dogs out through adoptions & rescues), so they put out the word to see if they could find someone to take her in. Once our rescue offered to take Raisin Bran, a local foster thankfully someone stepped up to keep her while we made arrangements to get Bailey from Wakulla to West Palm Beach. When she arrived at my home she was absolutely terrified. She wouldn’t even make one potty break the whole way down! I had to gently pull her out of the car to bring her into the house, and because she was so scared it took nearly 45 mins just to get her out of the car. It was clear right away that she was terrified of people and had suffered some awful abuse… but… when she saw other dogs, her face lit up! Her foster brothers and sisters took to her immediately, they could sense she was a scared girl. Over time she warmed up in my home. I would catch her outside playing and running with former Good Karma dog Joe, they would play for hours when given the opportunity. Then one day we got a call from someone who fell in love with her immediately — just from a photo, they knew Raisin Bran was meant to be their dog! We are happy to say that Bailey is now in her forever home and is doing great there. She is with a family that truly understands her needs and is really great about helping her ease into her new life at her own pace. She has a new BFF now named Blade and he won’t leave her side. They love to run and play in the back yard, and cuddle on the dog beds. She’s even getting used to going on leashed walks with her new mommy and can be caught walking around wagging her tail (which is huge for her!). We have a big thank you to everyone involved that helped get her to us, we never could have saved this girl and given her this wonderful life without the help of the rescue folks at Cauzican and the transporters that helped get her there.”

And, of course, the biggest thank-you is reserved for Nikki and Brian! Without their kindness, patience, and hospitality, we never would have been able to save this precious dog and help her overcome her fears from everything she has been through.

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Raisin Bran, now Bailey, in her foster and forever homes:

A photo shared by her Wakulla-area foster mom, while she waited for her transport to South Florida: