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Throughout the month of December, we are going to share some of our very favorite rescue stories from 2014, to celebrate everything we have accomplished and show why it’s so important to support animal rescue organizations like ours.  Today, you are going to meet Toffee.  We are lucky to have a bunch of fosters who have soft spots… grumpy chihuahua? We have you covered. Senior doxie? Covered. We all seem to share a newfound soft spot for hounds and senior. Dianne has been fostering for us for years and can’t seem to turn away the old, sweet, sad ones that need our help. So she was the first person we called when we heard about Toffee, and of course she said yes! Here foster mommy Dianne writes:



“Toffee was a 14-year-old chihuahua who came to Good Karma as a surrender. Her owner had passed away and no one in his family could take her. In his will he asked for her to be euthanized and cremated with him but the family couldn’t do it.  She was old, yes, but had a lot of life left in her. Another person in the retirement community was watching Toffee but could not care for her for long. Somehow they found our number and called Stacey, who called me, and I got to foster her. When I got her she was overweight, her nails curled under her paws, she was mostly blind and deaf and incontinent and she had a bad heart murmur. We believed she would be a hospice foster considering her age and condition, and we couldn’t imagine who would adopt her, being somewhat high maintenance due to the incontinence and blindness. [Stacey’s note: May we recount how much Dianne loved Toffee when in her care? Every time Dianne mentioned Toffee, she described what a smooshy ball of love she was. Dianne and Marty took such awesome care of Toffee and gave her a REAL HOME while they were fostering her, something every dog deserves!]

“Fast forward a year. Out of the blue, an application! A veterinarian in Virginia was applying on behalf of her mother, a 94-year-old woman in Palm Bay whose old dog had just passed away. She had 24-hour nursing care in her home who could tend to Toffee’s special needs as well–perfect! The whole household fell in love with her and they tell me she’s no trouble at all. We never imagined she would ever be adopted, but in the end she found the most perfect fit ever!”

The first day we had Toffee. Look at those nails!


Feel free to save this picture, just so you can look at it whenever you are having a bad day. This is Toffee with her FOREVER mama, Trudy.

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