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Throughout the month of December, we are going to share some of our very favorite rescue stories from 2014, to celebrate everything we have accomplished and show why it’s so important to support animal rescue organizations like ours.  Today, you are going to meet Faith, now known as GG.  Seriously, it’s a tear jerker so make sure you have some tissues handy! GG’s foster mommy and now forever mommy Kimberly writes:



“Upon moving to South Florida in August of 2014, I was very excited not only to live here and own a home, but having our own home provided us with some resources to finally have a dog. I started following Good Karma while still in Michigan, and just immediately felt the compassion that went in to each rescue. Which brings me to my favorite rescue story. I’m a bit bias toward the story of Faith (now GG). I am, after all, her furever mommy.

“She came to us one evening in April of 2014. I had spoken to Stacey about fostering and she really needed a place to go since her puppies where all growing and finding homes. As long as she was good with kitties (since we have 4 of those too) I was willing to try!

“I remember opening the door when Stacey and Faith arrived, and my eyes went right down toward the ground to this broken, frightened, shell of a dog. Faith was a victim, among several other helpless dogs, of a bad hoarding situation where there were upwards of 44 animals. They found her pregnant, emaciated, filthy, and scared to death, living outside in feces and urine. She thankfully was fostered by another Good Karma foster named Peggy, who is an amazing foster with an amazingly supportive family. Peggy saw Faith through the care and weaning of her newborn puppies up until they were little dogs and eating in their own right. Peggy was hoping another foster could give Faith the time she needed to help her overcome her issues, which is where I came in. Faith had no socialization, was afraid of everything. Afraid to go potty on the grass, afraid of going in the car, afraid of people. I remember the first night… she crawled, shaking, into her crate. We dimmed the light and set her up for bed time. I went to bed in tears, not understanding how human beings can be so cruel. When I woke up and went in to check on Faith (now GG) she had gotten out of her crate, pooped and pee peed all over and was wedged under the bed shaking and crying.

“I sat down on the floor and began gently calling her to me. This took about 20 minutes then that skinny little head appeared from under the bed. She slowly slithered out and right over to me. I held her in my arms, as she shook, and cried. Telling her she never has to be scared again. I held her so tight and kissed her head so many times and just rocked her. After about about 5 -6 days with us, she woke up one morning with a full on tail wag! I knew at that point she wasn’t going anywhere else!

“Today, she is happy, healthy, out of her crate and loving life! She goes to the dog park, loves car rides, wears whatever goofy clothes we put on her and is my best friend. She helps out and is such a good surrogate mom to all of our foster kitties, loves her feline brothers and sister and even though it’s only been 7 months, I couldn’t imagine my life without her!”

I remember how happy I was when Kimberly said she would foster Faith. I was SO happy that there was a kind soul who was willing to give a big, black, scared dog a chance. And now she’s her forever mommy… how could it get better?

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This is the email plea that moved Peggy into saying, “Let’s go get her out of that shelter!”

Faith shortly arriving at her first foster mommy Peggy’s home. How sad is this little frame?

Faith with all her little babies. She was such a good mama!

This is the night she met Kimberly, who would turn out to be her new FUREVER mama!

Kimberly still fosters for us. 🙂 This is GG with her little buddy Bowie kitty.

GG is living the good life with her new family. How cute is she with all those kitties?