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Throughout the month of December, we are going to share some of our very favorite rescue stories from 2014, to celebrate everything we have accomplished and show why it’s so important to support animal rescue organizations like ours.  Tonight, you are going to meet Bill the Cat if you were not following our rescue at the time. If you were, you were probably one of Bill’s fans and are going to love the update! Angela, Bill’s foster mom, now forever mom, writes Bill the Cat’s story here:

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“As last year was winding to a close, Good Karma received a call about a kitten with a skin condition that needed treatment. We weren’t really looking to add another animal the the rescue, as we had our hands full, but when the people texted over a photo, we just couldn’t say no. When Stacey arrived to pick him up, the kitten was so encrusted with dried, crusty skin from scabies that he couldn’t open his eyes. He had been living in the alley behind a restaurant, somehow surviving in his condition. She took him to the vet right away and discovered his body temperature was a dangerously low 96° F (a cat’s normal body temperature is 100-102.5° F). His scabies had been treated thus far with aloe vera lotion and being scrubbed with a wire brush, and he was now near death from a parasite that could’ve been easily treated with a dose of Revolution.  The veterinarian gave a guarded prognosis, but we decided to do everything we could for him. He received subcutaneous fluids, medications, and was kept in a bathroom warmed up be about 88° for days until he was able to regulate his own body temperature.

“Everyone at the rescue immediately fell in love with this poor crusty kitten, and he was dubbed Bill the cat after the wild-haired character in the comic strips Bloom County and Opus. Despite his fur sloughing off in clumps during soaking treatments, he remained friendly and purring through it all.

“After two weeks Bill tested negative for scabies, and moved to a foster home. His foster family fell in love as they watched his metamorphosis from mangy and halfway bald to sleek and gorgeous, and decided to keep him. Today he is an energetic and playful cat who investigates every corner and crevice of his home, and sounds like a herd of buffalo as he races up and down the stairs. His pastimes include napping in odd places such as the laundry room shelves and the pantry, and “killing” each item of clothing as it’s removed from the clothes dryer.”

Bill remains one of our very favorite rescue success stories. Want to help us to keep making happy stories like Bill’s happen?  Go here to donate: HTTP://WWW.YOUCARING.COM/NONPROFITS/GOOD-KARMA-END-OF-2014-FUNDRAISER/271509

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The first photo we saw of Bill the Cat. Hard to imagine how he could survive outside while so sick and unable to open his eyes!

Bill the Cat at the veterinarian. He wouldn’t even move.

After a nightly combing session. He LOVED to be combed. All that crust must have been so itchy!

Happy & healthy (and gorgeous!!!) Bill the Cat!