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Meet Tiger, our newest rescue!

Grab some kleenexes while you prepare yourself to read about our new dear friend, Tiger.

One of Good Karma’s eagle-eyed friends, who is always on the lookout for animals in distress, saw Tiger in a backyard.. day after day, in the hot sun, by himself. She told me that he was a young chihuahua and the situation he was in and I told her, of course we would help. She talked to his owner and it turned out that she was given the dog by her son. She couldn’t bring him in the house much because her mother lived with her and didn’t like dogs, and on top of that he wasn’t housebroken and when he would have accidents in the house, her husband would beat him. In the end she had to pay the husband to get the dog away from him, and just last night he was rescued from that home. As this story developed, I kept getting more and more details. While before I knew he was young, the new information told me that he was just a baby. “Could it be true?” I wondered. How on earth does a little puppy get in such an awful situation?

Today he went to the vet and I got a phone call from his rescuer. Sure enough, the vet estimated his weight at about 3 lbs and his age about about 8 weeks. At this age, he should just be leaving his mother and siblings. He should have spent the last few weeks playing and being happy, and instead he was forgotten in outside and mistreated by the people who should have been loving and protecting him.

I finally got to meet Tiger this evening. He is so small and so precious. For the life of me I can’t understand how someone could hurt such a little love. He is happy and playful and loves his temporary foster dad (his future foster mom is out of town until Monday and my house is off-limits for unvaccinated little puppies!) but his abusive past was quickly obvious. When I went to play with him the way I play with my own little puppy, with tickles and scratches, if I got too close to his tail area he would get nervous and uncomfortable. He’s very sensitive about his backside in general. He loved his foster dad already even though he had only been there for hours, but seemed quick to misinterpret any of my attempts to play with him as an attempt to hurt him. He may have some bruising or something that is making his back end sore, or maybe it’s a knee-jerk reaction from a puppy who probably hasn’t seen much love in his short life.

In any case, things will only look up for him from here. He has new toys and new bowls and good, healthy food and, most importantly, people who are dedicated to making sure he only knows the best from people from here on out. He will be going up for adoption shortly, after we give him some time to adjust to a normal, indoors living situation and to people being nice to him. He had his first round of vaccines today but will need another and to be neutered before he is adopted.

Stay tuned for more about Tiger!

UPDATE, one day later: The woman who first found Tiger called today to say she had fallen in love with him and wanted to adopt him; she didn’t realize how attached she had grown to him until after she dropped him off at our foster home. Once we were assured she was in it for the long-haul and would be a great forever home, we happily reunited the two. We can’t wait to see pix from when this boy is a bit bigger!