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Meet Ollie!

We rescued Ollie when he was just a newborn puppy. His mama, GG (was Faith), was rescued from a hoarder’s house with her puppies. She had been fending for herself and her babies in a backyard with about 40 other dogs. They were taken to the shelter, and we quickly scooped them up.  You can see the family from the shelter email below, and can pick out Ollie even in this photo; he was the only black baby!

We are not sure of Ollie’s breed, although he looks a lot like his mama who we are calling a lab/terrier mix. He’s incredibly sweet, has the cutest little kneesocks on his front legs, and a gorgeous smile. Ollie is about a year old now and is looking for what we hope to finally be a FOREVER family.

Ollie was looking for his forever home at the beginning of 2014.  We took him to an adoption event at a horse rescue in March of 2014. What a sweet little puppy he was. The barn girls took turns walking him around, and everyone fell in love with him. We even got a couple of applications that day! Some of the girls were fighting over him.

Unfortunately, none of the potential homes that day worked out for our little guy.  Then we got what we thought was the excellent news that his foster mama wanted to keep him. We were overjoyed someone wanted the sweet, very submissive little puppy that we all loved. I think he was looked past because he is a black doggy, but (shhh, don’t tell the others), he was my favorite from the litter. Just SO sweet & affectionate.

Then at the beginning of 2015, the adopter contacted us to tell us that her neighbors were complaining about Ollie’s barking while she was at work so she had to give him back. She gave us a couple of weeks, saying a friend could watch him while we found a foster. Sadly, when we got Ollie back he was dirty and did not appear to have been cared for well.

So, now we have Ollie back. He still has the very sweet personality, and is still really a puppy, but isn’t really tiny anymore… so this time around, it’ll be even harder to find him a home even though he is just THE BEST DOG.  I’ve been fostering Ollie for a few weeks now and have some things to share about this guy’s personality.

He is the sweetest boy. VERY playful, and VERY submissive. He loves to play with all the dogs, ranging from little chihuahuas to shepherds about his size (my guess is about 40 lbs). But when one of the chihuahuas doesn’t want to play, and nips at him? He backs right off. Yes, an 8-lb chihuahua’s bark will send him slinking away.

Ollie LOVES to play with toys. LOVES. The squeakier, the better. Although everyone feels a little bad for him as he hasn’t had the best year of life so far, he surely hasn’t noticed. He bounces around, full of love for life – ALL THE TIME.

The funniest part is, he LOVES to play with some little squirrel toys we have. We weren’t sure if that would translate into wanting to chase actual squirrels. Nope! Completely ignores them. So although we have not yet cat-tested him, I’m guessing (like his mama Faith who lives with a small pack of cats in her forever home), Ollie would be a great companion for cats too.

Ollie never learned to walk well on a leash, or to sit… but he’s picking it up quickly. He goes on jogs now and does very well keeping focused on running. He sits very quickly for a toy, a treat, or even just praise. He doesn’t like to be left alone, or left in a crate, but no more than your average dog.

We’re hoping to find Ollie a home with an active adopter who will take Ollie out lots and wear him out. Are you looking for a family member who enjoys going to the dog park, the dog beach, or just jogging or kayaking with you? Looking for a best friend for you, or for your dog? Ollie would be a great fit.

Ollie’s family from the shelter email:

Ollie at the horse rescue event:

Ollie flashing his pearly whites, hoping I’ll toss him a toy:

If you are interested in meeting Ollie, he is being fostered in Fort Lauderdale, and he would love to meet you. Please apply at: and we will get right back with you!

More photos to come soon!