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Meet Mariah the sweet poodle!

Meet Mariah! We first heard about Mariah through one of our foster mommies who saw her at the shelter. She texted to say she wanted to know more about her, that she seemed to have a broken leg and was just a sad old pup. Here is Mariah’s shelter photo:

We emailed the shelter for more information and the email came back said, “Looks like this girl is in pretty bad shape.  Clinic estimates about 14 years old and all her teeth need to come out.  All her mammaries are swollen, but can’t say if there are tumors in all.  She also has cataracts in both eyes.  We would have to release her “as is,” no vetting.  That’s as much as the clinic is able to confirm unfortunately. It is extensive.” As always, we told the foster that we would back her if she could commit to fostering.

So, Mariah got picked up! Mariah with one of her foster moms, Peggy.

Mariah on her “freedom ride” from the shelter! Look at that poor little leg.

Thankfully one of Mariah’s foster moms is a groomer. Here Mariah is after her first bath! Very poofy girl!

And here she is after a good grooming! Thank you, Raquel!

Soon after we took her out, Mariah took a trip to our veterinarian. She was a perfect little patient. The vet estimated that her age is more around 9 years old. She weighs in at just under 8 lbs. What a tiny, dear girl!

She has what appears to be an old fracture to her leg. She can’t walk on it and it just hangs there.

Here is a video of her in the veterinarian’s office:

She has mammaries that are swollen and her nipples expel brown liquid.

Mariah has cataracts in both eyes.

Her teeth are in sore need of a dental.

Despite all of these health issues, Mariah is just the happiest & sweetest little dog. It makes us so sad to think of how long she must have suffered before she finally started getting the care she deserved. She deserved so much better! She hops along after her foster mom and would love to sit in a warm lap all day long. She gets along great with the other pups.

Someday soon, in the coming weeks, Mariah is going to have a very big day. She has so many things that need to be done to her that our veterinarian thinks we may have to do it on two separate days as to not overwhelm her poor system. Mariah will need to be spayed, tested for heartworm, have her mammary tissue removed, have a dental, and possibly have her leg amputated. Here is an image of her radiograph which has been sent off to the specialist so we can make sure we are making the best decisions possible for this dog.

Obviously this will likely result in a very big veterinary bill for all that little Mariah is going to require. Here is a link to contribute towards Mariah’s care:

We rely on our supporters to help us help animals like Mariah. Without donations from people like you, poor Mariah here likely would not have made it out of the shelter! You can either contribute through the link, or send a donation via PayPal to Or click here:

Mariah is also going to need a forever home when she’s all fixed up, so please share this tiny poodle girl with anyone you  know who may want to give her a loving forever home!

UPDATE! Mariah has found her forever home! Yippeeee!