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Meet Adam & Angel! Two beautiful kittens rescued from the shelter!

Meet the two most recent additions to our rescue — Kenny & Mittens! Those were their shelter names. Foster mommy Beth picked out new names for them — Adam & Angel. 🙂

These kittens were rescued from Broward County Animal Care & Adoption, from the Pompano location. Of the two Broward shelters, the Pompano shelter is smaller, has far fewer resources, less foot traffic, and the list goes on.. That’s why MOST of our rescue’s pets come from that shelter. We feel they need the most help, and with faces like this needing our help any time we can offer it, why would we ever need to go elsewhere?

These two sweethearts did not come in together. In fact, both of these kittens were picked up all by themselves running as strays on the street. However, they were put together in a cage at the shelter and fell in love. Now they’re BFFs so of course we had to take them both!

Once they got to their temporary foster home, their carrier door was open and they were finally able to stretch their little legs and explore a little. We did a quick little photo shoot so everyone could see what cute kittens they are.

This is Angel. We thought they were both boys until we noticed her calico-like markings and checked her and, sure enough, Angel is a girl!

How could we have ever thought this girly little face belonged to a boy? Don’t know! And yeah, the plumbing here isn’t so glamourous, but we do always say all you need to foster is a bathroom – and we mean it! The kittens are happy as can be even in their toilet-room accommodations! 😀

Here is Adam, who was a great little model, but I think only because he had no idea what was going on or why I was setting him on a toilet. Ha!

They were thirsty & hungry from their little home-from-the-shelter adventure, and when Adam took to the water bowl and rested his little paws on it.. oh! Oh! Hurts my heart!

Unfortunately, two days out of the shelter and little Adam does not seem to have an appetite and is dehydrated. He has lots of spunk and wants lots of attention, but feels very thin & dehydrated. We are giving him subcutaneous fluids, supplements, and syringe-feeding him.

Angel, on the other hand, is doing great (aside from the sneezies)!  Thirsty little Angel:

One last photo, of these cutie pies just before we snagged them outta their shelter cage & took them home.

Adam & Angel are 6-7 weeks old (Adam is much smaller than his girly friend) and will be ready for adoption when they reach about 8 weeks or 2 lbs. They will be neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and can be adopted for just a $75 donation to the rescue for each. Please let us know if you think you want to make these cuties a new addition to your home! We would love to see them go together (they are BFFs after all!) but will separate for great homes. Convince us! Application can be found at

If you would like to contribute towards their care, please PayPal a donation to: That goes straight into the rescue’s bank account! Thanks!