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Meet Cohen the Male Calico!

Meet Cohen! He’s a VERY rare male calico kitten.

How rare? There’s a less than 0.1% chance of a calico cat being born male.

Want a chance to adopt this precious boy who was rescued from a kill shelter?

Since Cohen is a unique boy, we are going to take a unique approach to his adoption! We usually screen applications in the order in which they come in, so the people who get their application in quickly have a small advantage. In this case, we are going to accept applications for an entire week (June 22 – June 29) and whether you’re first or last, EVERYONE will have a chance.

But there’s a twist…You see, Cohen really wanted to be able to help his fellow furry friends. 🙂

When you submit your application, you’ll need to provide a bid for Cohen’s adoption donation in the “Comments” section of the application. The application received with the highest bid will be reviewed first. Regardless of the donation amount, the application must meet our standard adoption requirements and will be screened according to the same process as all other adoptions. If the highest bid is not approved, we will move to the next highest bid to begin the screening and approval process.

Ok, got it! So what do I do if I want to adopt Cohen?

STEP 1. Complete an adoption application at Specify your bid for Cohen’s adoption donation in the Comments section.
STEP 2.  Stay glued to your phone and keep your paws crossed that you’ll get to be Cohen’s lucky new owner!


How will I know if I was the highest bidder and passed the initial screening of my adoption application?

  • You will receive an initial application approval e-mail and we will have a volunteer contact you to schedule a home visit. If you were not the highest bidder or if your application does not meet our adoption requirements, you’ll be notified via e-mail as well.

What if the person who bids the most is not fit to adopt a cat?

  • Rest assured, we are following the exact same requirements and protocol as we do for ANY Good Karma animal. In addition to the initial screening we conduct which includes a property ownership or landlord check, veterinary reference check, and personal reference check, we require an in-person or facetime/skype home visit. We are not cutting any corners, as our top priority is to find Cohen a loving furever home that’s worthy of him!

Will you consider out-of-state applicants?

  • Absolutely! A Facetime or Skype home visit is still required and we are unable to make any transport arrangements, so picking up Cohen will be his adopter’s responsibility.

Why are you having people bid for Cohen? That’s not fair!

  • We understand that not everyone may be on board with this innovative adoption procedure. However, our rescue adopts out hundreds of animals each year where we do not recoup the medical expenses from their adoption fee. Our standard kitten adoption fee is $75, yet we spend about $150 to get a kitten ready for adoption and that’s only if he/she is perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, many kittens that come to us from living on the streets, or who have been separated from their mom at an early age end up having health issues that require additional medications, procedures, and sometimes hospitalization. We spend hundreds of thousands (nope, not a typo) each year on veterinary bills alone and our adoption fees do not cover those bills, so here we are with a creative fundraising approach that helps us save more animals! 🙂

What are you going to do with the additional donation received from the highest bid?

  • If you’ve been following us, you’ll know we are super passionate about finding ways to save as many cats as possible. One of the ways we are able to do that is through our transport program, where we relocate our rescue kitties to our rescue partners in the Northeast (Vermont and New Hampshire) who have a shortage of kitties! When we transfer our kitties to our rescue partners, we do not collect adoption fees yet we still provide the same medical care to get them prepared for transport. While it’s a big financial burden, we believe it’s worth it as it allows us to save hundreds more lives. Also, did you happen to see us the news recently? Our transport vehicle is out of commission and we desperately need a new vehicle so that we don’t have to spend $1,000 each time we need to rent a van large enough to accommodate our transport kitties. The extra funds will go towards our transport program so Cohen can help save more of his furry friends. Here’s the news story if you missed it. 🙁

Have a question not listed here? Please message us at, subject line “Cohen”.