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Mama & babies!

You will see Lizzy on the “Adoptable Cats” page. She came to us with her four babies from outside a health facility. The management apparently decided she would go to Animal Control with her babies, so the residents got help for her and she wound up with us!

She came to us with four sweet little babies who had just opened their eyes.  A couple of days later we got a call from someone who knew someone (who knew someone…) who had five two-day-old kittens who had been orphaned when their mama was hit by a car. After some research and talking it over with a couple of cat experts, we figured out that we could try to introduce them to Mama and see if she would accept them as her own, with some nutritional supplementation.. Nine babies is a lot of babies, but it works out best for everyone — especially the kittens — if they have a feline mama.

Lizzy is an awesome cat and an awesome mom. Within moments of us introducing the kittens, she was grooming and nursing them as if they were her own.

So now we have a mamacat and NINE babies. Whenever I am home I am switching them out every two or so hours. Right now the four older ones are nestled together in a box inside a carrier on one side of the room, with the heat keeping the room at a toasty 82 degrees. On the other side of the room, Lizzy is in her nest with the smaller babies so they can all get a chance at nursing without having to fight off a kitten twice their size. I’ll switch them in a bit.  I’m also giving a bottle to anyone who will take it, but the older ones in particular are not happy about a bottle, and are very vocal about it. I’ve NEVER heard a kitten cry that loud, I swear. Ah well, I’ll keep trying.. Maybe a couple hours away from Mommy and they may change their tune about taking the bottle! I have had success with the younger ones, which is great.. They should nurse on Mama too, but I don’t want her responsible for providing 100% of the nutrition to 9 little babies!

When they are all together, it is quite a sight.

Look at how tiny the little tabby is compared to the ones feeding on Mama!

It appears I have some black babies, some torties, a couple of calicos, and some cute little tabbies. Ooh, and a black & white one! I can’t wait to see them develop!

Look – black & white & pink!

Same kitty, upset.

Baby tortie!

Itteh-bitteh calico!

I’ll get a picture of the nice, quiet cat room within the next few days so we can compare when the babies have all grown and they’re running around like crazy. 🙂

That’s all for now! 🙂

— Stacey, foster mommy