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Jackfruit – after!

We got the very best update on the very best pup with a great story. Yes, this is Jackfruit! For those of you coming from Facebook, I won’t make you read his story again. Just bask in the adorableness of his amazing transformation. For those of you who haven’t met Jackfruit, scroll down!!!

Look at this healthy boy with his healthy coat.. and don’t miss that wagging tail!

Ok, so now his story.


I was with my husband in the British Virgin Islands for a quick work trip. One day I stopped the car to admire a particularly stunning view and what did I see?

Poor skinny, matted boy. Miserable, hungry, and itchy, but outgoing and friendly off the bat.
Ugh. Heartbreaking. I gave him all my sandwiches.

A rescuer is a rescuer, even when on a work trip with her husband. We ended up contacting the local humane society to board him while I made arrangements to fly him back to Florida. And, of course, while at the humane society, I realized how much help they needed too. There were so many sweet dogs, eating rice & tomatoes (refuse from a local restaurant), getting pregnant, starving for attention, and with no adoption prospects. So a month later, another GK volunteer and I flew back to BVI to escort roughly 10 very needy dogs back to Florida with us, Jackfruit included. One of the shelter dogs we had planned on bringing back with us was actually too ill to fly and ended up passing away at the vet we brought her to on the island. One was pregnant. One was so sick we had to bring fluids with us to the airport so we could give her subcutaneous fluids in the bathroom. All very, very precious and special dogs who would not have had a chance on the island in the shelter.

Here is Jackfruit ruining my travel blanket in the rental car that doesn’t allow animals.
Walking Jackfruit on my second trip to BVI. See how skinny he is? And this is after a month of being fed all he wanted at the humane society. 🙁

On that trip to BVI, we were able to save a redfoot tortoise from traffic, triage a litter of starving newborn puppies, and hook up with the amazing people at PAW BVI, a small nonprofit not associated with the humane society there. They sponsor spay/neuter surgeries on the island. A lovely partnership formed, and to date we have rescued over 100 dogs from Tortola and PAW BVI has not only helped conditions at the local shelter improve and help those dogs and cats get surgeries so they wouldn’t continue to reproduce in the shelter, but added off-island transport to their mission. They now send dogs and puppies to rescue groups all over the US.

This is Jackfruit after he had been at my house for a while. Looking a lot better, but not great. Still itchy, but so much happier now that he has discovered tennis balls.

So here he is AFTER again. You can imagine my delight when I opened the email today to see his adopters giving us this great update. Last time I checked in with them, he was still struggling with skin issues. Now they have resolved. As you can see, he has a thick coat and a nice layer of happy chunk. No more starving at the end of a chain for you, buddy. <3

*Note tennis ball. HA!

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