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Happy Endings

Beautiful “Amie” the terrier mix was rescued from the shelter as an itty-bitty puppy with demodex mange. She found her fur-ever home just weeks after she went into foster care with a wonderful family. She is happy & loves her big sis, Daisey. Here they are snuggling up together.. how cute is this?? πŸ™‚

Clover & Gemma were caught while trapping cats for a spay/neuter-release project we were doing thanks to a donation. They were trapped outside a warehouse in Pompano Beach living in truly sad conditions. One of their relatives had to be euthanized due to a horrible injury, and we wanted to make sure they would never know the life of a street cat ever again. Clover & Gemma got a truly happy ending when their foster family fell in love with them and decided to adopt both — together. πŸ™‚

While at the shelter to help another dog, our volunteer spotted Charlie and fell in love with him and worried about his future due to his cleft lip, so we took Charlie and his brother Ernie into the rescue. Charlie had his cleft lip repaired and found his loving, wonderful forever family with the DuBocqs — with a mama, a papa, and a big brother, Nugget. We are going to tell Charlie’s story with a blog post – soon, complete with after pix!

Ernie on Gotcha Day with his new mama, Hallie. Hallie calls Ernie the perfect puppy. We could not be happier for them. πŸ™‚
Ernie may get to be a therapy dog someday in the future!

Mae was found at about five weeks old, living on the street and suffering from a bad case of mange.Β She recovered quickly, then came down with a case of ringworm. Thankfully she had a wonderful adopter who was patient and waited for her recovery.Β She is now best friends with a big ol’ dog at her forever home. πŸ™‚

Marley was found living outside at a flea market as a tiny baby, hungry, flea-infested, and covered in mange.
Thankfully, as soon as he recovered he had a family that could not wait to take him home.
Congrats, Marley, you cute little oreo cookie!

Darly is Marley’s sister and found her forever home with her brother, below. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

This super cute baby was found living outside a flea market at just 4 weeks old. He was adopted with his sister and is a beloved, well-cared-for pet now. πŸ™‚

Frankie was labeled as a terrier mix and sat in the shelter for over two weeks. We reserved him and when we picked him up were pleasantly surprised to discover that he is a pug mix – curly tail, underbite and all. Super playful & sweet, he quickly found adopters who had a pug/beagle mix named Roxy at home and could not wait to find a friend for her.
Congratulations Frankie — now Brodie! πŸ™‚

Gorgeous Mystic was a semi feral kitten who came around thanks to one of the “ambassador cats” in her foster home.
She was adopted and is treasured by her wonderful family who couldn’t believe their luck at finding a chocolate point Siamese kitten in rescue!

Misty is Mystic’s sister and was super terrified when she entered our rescue. On her first night in her forever home, however, she snuggled up on the couch with her adopters’ 3-year-old child and fell asleep. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Louie was at the shelter for almost three weeks! He had Lady Luck looking over him. Just two weeks in foster care and this happy, playful boy found his forever family with the Barcos. Congratulations!

Lucky, now Midgie, was rescued from the shelter with a fractured pelvis.
Her foster parents fell in love with her so she has already found her forever home!

Daisy & Duke were rescued from a very bad hoarding situation & adopted together! πŸ™‚

Lucky Gracie survived nearly 3 weeks during the height of the health crisis at Miami Dade Animal Services. She had quite the cold when we pulled her but recovered quickly and after two months of searching we found the very best home for her. Now she is the apple of her mama’s eye. She gets to go kayaking and to work and lives a happy, active life! Congrats to Heather & Gracie for finding each other. πŸ™‚

Dexter is a gorgeous orange kitty whose mama was snatched off the street so her babies could be born indoors & tamed. Dexter got a great home!

O’Malley is Dexter’s brother & was adopted by a loving family!

Clover is a gorgeous calico girl and part of Houdini’s litter as well. She found a great home where she has a feline sibling!

Spunky is Clover’s sister and found a forever family too!

Susie & Snickers is part of this big litter and were lucky enough to find a family together!

This gorgeous adult cat, Shelby, was lucky enough to find a forever home after being rescued from the street!

Nina’s is a story we are very proud of. πŸ™‚ She caught distemper during her time at the shelter (due to being left unvaccinated for 10 days since she was “a bite risk” — all 10 lbs of her!) and vet after vet turned us down to help her. Everyone recommended euthanasia. Her foster mom sat in the parking lot for a half-hour trying to decide if euthanasia was the right thing for that poor, sick girl or not and she ended up deciding another day wouldn’t hurt. She ended up making a complete recovery and found a wonderful home. This is Nina & her new daddy. She was scared of him for about 10 minutes but was playing with him by the time I left. He reports that she is doing great, making strides with new people, going to music festivals, and she is just a wonderful and healthy dog. πŸ™‚

Killmer is Glenda’s baby and is best friends with a 7lb chihuahua now! πŸ™‚

Big Steve is Glenda’s baby and was adopted to a wonderful home with another kitty!

Brenda is Glenda’s baby and found a home with children that love to spoil her!

Glenda was lucky enough to find a wonderful home right away where she gest to be the center of attention. πŸ™‚ She was rescued with her babies from Miami Dade Animal Services where they were at high risk of being euthanized after waiting for an adopter or rescuer for two weeks…

Nat is a gorgeous “painted” orange tabby and is Glenda’s baby.
He found a wonderful home where he is one of two beloved kittens!

Little Steve has a new best friend, a kitty adopted from the rescue a few months ago!

Cooper’s new mama started crying when she saw him she was so happy!

Little Flynn’s foster mom decided she could not part with him so he found his forever home before even being put up for adoption!

Lola the 100-lb Saint Bernard puppy found the very best home with two other Saint Bernard rescue dogs! Her new brother is very protective of her and her new sister is so happy to have another friend!

Lola was rescued with her three white siblings from Miami Dade Animal Services. She is a big sister to a tiny tortie girl.. πŸ™‚

Knox was found on the streets and adopted into a happy family with two girls to spoil him and dress him up in doll clothes!

Squeak Toy is a striking Hemingway cat who found his home with his brother!

Ollie the Border terrier was rescued from a central Florida shelter right before he was to be euthanized.
He found his home with a family who spoils him every day and even takes him to work!

This gorgeous snowshoe was adopted before we could even give him a name!

Eva was rescued as a tiny 5-week-old kitten from a high kill shelter and found her home with a loving tortie devotee!

This snowshoe, sibling to the one above, was snapped up before he could even be given a name! He was scared when he arrived at the rescue but was a purr machine within hours of arriving in his new home. πŸ™‚

Charlotte is a black kitty who was dumped off at a shopping center in a box.
She was lucky enough to find a nice guy who wanted to call her family! πŸ™‚

Davey is a tiny black kitty with itty bitty legs who found a wonderful family to call him theirs. He is Charlotte’s sister.

Moby was dumped off on a rescuer’s doorstep in a box.
He found his forever home with a loving cat-devoted couple in Fort Myers.

Poor William looked so cared in his shelter picture, we rushed off to save him and his two siblings.
He is a happy, safe family pet these days.

These gorgeous flame point Siamese brothers came to us with a bad case of ringworm,
but were snapped right up as soon as it healed and they went up for adoption!

This lucky boy joined a family of dogs & cats!

Pretty Mandi’s new mama burst into tears when she met her. She said she could not get over how tiny and pretty she was!

Manda’s foster papa fell in love with this little frog so her foster home became her forever home!

Little Cosette was abandoned with her siblings Mario and Meatball on a front doorstep.
She found her forever home right away with Julie & her family!

Cosette safe & happy in her new home:

Mario – happily adopted by Stephanie & Family. πŸ™‚

Andy the black kitty found his forever home! He is one of Lizzy’s 9 kittens!

Willy, Andy’s brother.. safe in his new home!

Meatball.. most of these pix are from her adopter. How happy & comfortable does she look? πŸ™‚

All 5 of these super-angry kittens tamed right up with our wonderful foster mama, Cory, and are now in wonderful forever homes. They were caught living outside by the beach in Hollywood.

Here are two of these beauties, adopted together, in their new home:

Lizzy’s baby boy tabby – adopted!

Lizzy’s adorable baby, Calli – adopted!

Lizzy had 2 adorable tabby babies that looked like this, both in wonderful new homes.

This is “Cali” – with her new adopted brother, Rocky.. They are so cute together!

Lulu is the newest addition to an absolutely adorable family. Her “owner” is a 10-year-old girl that became a cat expert to prove to her mama she was ready for the responsibility. SO CUTE!

“The Rat Pack” were rescued from a neglect situation. Their super-patient foster mama helped them get big & healthy and we found them great forever homes. They are all adorable, striking cats now!

Tiger’s transporter called us soon after she dropped this pup off and said she couldn’t get him off her mind. She adopted him!

Esme, now Meli, is in a wonderful new home – congrats, Alexis! πŸ™‚

Mia Bella, now known as Bella, was returned to the shelter in Miami not once but TWICE! After getting her home, we realized quickly that it was no fault of hers — she was a perfect, happy, sweet little dog. She instantly became best friends with her foster sisters & brother and proved herself to be a loving little lap dog. No dog should have to go through so many homes in such a short time.. She is only 1.5 yrs old! But we made sure we found a family who would love her and keep her forever. Congratulations to her new mama, Caren, and her new BFF, Luna. πŸ™‚

Max is a GEM of a dog. He arrived at MDAS on Valentine’s Day, which is why he was called Valentines there. And what a sweetheart he is! But for some reason, everyone looked right past him and soon his time was up. Good Karma stepped in on his last day and brought him home and discovered a loving, happy, energetic little pup. He found the perfect home, where he has a new doggy best friend, Gracie, and new parents that are absolutely devoted to him. He gets to go to the dog park just about every day! Congrats on your wonderful new life, Max Valentine!

Turk, a.k.a. Orange, was part of a TNR program along with his brother, but we failed when it came to the R-part, and decided to work with this scared little guy instead. And we’re glad we did! He was with us for 8 months as a foster boy, but with patience comes great things. Namely, a wonderful home that accepts Turk as he is. He has a new best friend, a chihuahua named Little Man, and his new people love him. Congratulations to Turk!

This sweet girl was rescued from a hoarding situation where she was living with 20 other cats in a one-bedroom apartment. She spent a month in her foster home, then her lovely new parents saw her picture and fell in love with her instantly. Congratulations to Abby & her new family!

This awesome boy came to us from a hoarding situation where he was living with 4 other dogs and 21 cats in a small apartment. He had been adopted from the shelter, and then abandoned and passed through a few sets of hands before he wound up at the hoarder’s home. Sometimes he didn’t get fed and sometimes he wouldn’t get to go outside for days on end. He stayed with us for a month and then found a wonderful, wonderful home with a couple named Billie & Larry, where he joins the family of two sweet little dogs and some kitties.
We are so happy for you, Sparky! Or Samson, I guess we should say! πŸ™‚

This beautiful 3-year-old Red Point Siamese baby found his forever home! Congratulations to Pookie and his new family!

This wonderful sweetie was given to us by a woman whose children were too rough with Matty. He was only with us a couple of weeks when a great couple came along who were looking to add a kitty to their household and fell in love with this gorgeous boy.
Congratulations to Matty & his new family. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚