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Nebulizer Instructions


  1. Place the compressor where it can safely reach its power source and where you can reach the ON/OFF switch.
  2. Wash your hands prior to preparing each treatment.
  3. Use a clean nebulizer.
  4. Measure the correct dose of medication and add to the nebulizer.  Unless otherwise instructed, the medication solution should be 3 mL of sterile water (in bottle) mixed with 0.3 mL Gentamicin Sulfate (in syringes).
  5. Connect the air tubing from the compressor to the nebulizer base.  Make sure all connections are snug.
  6. Attach a mouthpiece to the nebulizer.
  7. Insert the mouthpiece as instructed to the nebulizer chamber (in some cases this is just a carrier with a towel placed over it).
  8. Place cat(s) in nebulizer chamber and turn on power.
  9. Cat(s) should be nebulized for about 15 minutes, two times per day.

Notes: Please keep sterile water as clean as possible.  Please keep gentamicin syringes stored out of the light.  Please keep the rescue up to date with how the cats are faring.  Any questions? Contact the rescue!