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Dear Santa: Please find us a home! From Mouse & Badger

1-Badger n Mouse

Dear Santa,

Hi, this is Badger and my brother Mouse. We haven’t written to you before because we’re only 6 months old. So we’ve never had a “year” before, but we think that this one has pretty good so far.

We were born as part of a colony of feral cats, which is a pretty rough life. Our parents lived out on the streets, dealing with cars, weather, trying to find food. Luckily for us, there was a nice human who gave us food and tried to help. She trapped us with a cage, took us to get neutered and get vaccines so we wouldn’t get sick.

At the time, we weren’t really appreciative of what a good thing this was, and… well, this is where we may have been a bit naughty. Hissed and hid from the people trying to show us love. But please don’t put us on your naughty list–we learned how nice and fun humans can be, and stopped all that bad behavior! Humans play with using toys, and we LOVE to play. They also give the best neck rubs too. Mouse also loves butt rubs right in front of his tail, but he’d be embarrassed to know I told anyone, so let’s keep it a secret.

Then life got rough again. I had an accident and bumped my head (or so the vet says–it’s hard to remember just what happened after you bump your head), and I couldn’t see anymore! I was super scared and kept walking in circles because I was afraid I would bump into the wall. And I did bump into the wall many times. The vet couldn’t tell the humans what would happen to me or if I’d ever be able to see again. I couldn’t believe this happened right when life was starting to go our way.

But after a week or two went by, an amazing thing happened. I started to see, just a tiny bit. Every day, my eyesight was slightly better than the day before. I could see to play with my toys again, and to run around the room with Mouse and not bump into anything. The vet says my eyesight might not be as perfect as it was before my accident, but if you met me now, you wouldn’t be able to tell anything had ever happened. I run and play and pounce exactly like Mouse does.

So you see Santa, all in all we’ve had a very lucky year. We got saved by Good Karma, we’re healthy, we have a foster mom who loves us and lets us play with other cats, a dog, a little human, and even a lizard. We’ve gone to adoption events and met lots of nice people, and we enjoyed it when everyone paid attention to us. But there’s one thing we still need to make it the best year ever… a forever home. We want to meet the special human who will give those cheek rubs that feel soooo good we can’t keep our eyes open. Maybe we will have cat siblings, or dog siblings, or even little humans… it’s all good because we can get along with anyone. Maybe we will go separately and be in different forever homes, or maybe we will go to the same home and make our humans laugh when are silly together–that would make us so happy that we wouldn’t need to ask you for anything ever again!

Well, maybe just a little of that yummy-smelling fishy canned food every now and then too.

Sincerely yours,
Badger & Mouse