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Good Karma Saving Chinese Dogs Destined To Be Eaten


Thanks to our amazing and generous sponsors, we are able to save 36 dogs and transport them back to South Florida to be adopted.

We’re Going to China!

Yep, it’s true — in partnership with Big Dog Ranch Rescue we’re heading over to China to bring back as many dogs as we can to spare them from being rounded up or stolen, then tortured and eaten.  Each $1,000 we raise will allow us to bring back a dog, allowing the next dog to be rescued from the meat market!

Time is of the essence! We expect this round of dog rescues to be complete by mid July, so please work now to help us secure sponsorships for dogs so they can be saved!

Want to Help? Here’s How:

 1. CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP: Bringing a dog to the US from China ain’t easy, or cheap.  It costs about $1,000 for rescue and transportation, and we know that’s a lot to ask.  So we’re hoping to partner with a few local companies that would be able to spare that amount to sponsor the full cost of saving a life. We will give you as much recognition or anonymity as you want as a sponsor! Maybe you know a company that would want to help? We’re taking donations through July 4.

Here are some of the dogs available for sponsorship (best viewed on desktop):

Dollar - 2 years old

Dollar - 2 years old
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2.  BUY A CUSTOM PROTEST SHIRT: Local artist Maribel Moure generously designed a #FriendsNotFood tshirt you can buy to support the cause. TShirts and tanks are just $25. Get one now!

What is the Yulin Dog Meat Festival?

The pictures are horrifying.  The concept even worse.  For the last few years, citizens of Yulin, China have participated in a barbaric festival centered around the slaughter and consumption of dogs, killed in the most unhumane of ways — so bad we won’t even list them here. It celebrates the 4,000 year old custom of eating dog meat, ostensibly to manage the heat of the summer months.

While there has been significant protest, the festival still exists and more than 10,000 dogs are expected to be killed over the 10 day event later this month.



Thank you CatLadyBox for sponsoring a dog to come from China to the US! And for always being such a wonderful supporter of Good Karma and other animal rescues!