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Behind the scenes fostering kittens :)

Since I usually have my hands full when I’m helping out with Lizzy & her babies, I can’t get any pictures of bottle-feeding and all that, so my lovely husband snapped some pictures for me the other night. I

So this is the kitty room. This is the last litter of kittens this poor carpet is going to experience. Next up.. tile! Woo!

That thing in the middle of the floor is the heater I bought when I had the two mama cats last February. It was so cold that month, so the heater kept going most of the time. For now, this heater is mostly insurance to make sure the temps stay in the upper 70s.

This is Baby Oreo. We have a grown-up cat named Oreo.. a former mama cat whose kittens were adopted and she never found a home so we kept her.

Covered in milk!

The mama does most of the feeding, but I help out sometimes to give her a break. Most of the younger ones will take the bottle, since they were exclusively on it before they came to me for a couple of days.

The smaller ones are opening their eyes, slowly.. They don’t always open at the same time, so we have this pirate action happening right now.

You may or may not know this, but mama cats clean up their babies in all ways. Yes, even their potty! So when you’re fostering kittens you have to help them go pee & poop. Again, Mama Lizzy does most of this for this litter, but I help out when I can…

They get all mad at first when you start rubbing them, but then the pee starts coming and they throw their legs up and go with it. It’s so cute (yes, cute!).

The kitties have fleas! They are too small to really do anything about it as far as chemicals go, so I just keep a flea comb nearby for when I see a flea. OOH nothing makes me more mad than a flea on a tiny, innocent baby kitten!

When you flea comb, keep a cup of water nearby that you have added a drop of liquid soap too once you’ve filled the glass. This breaks the surface tension of the water so the fleas will sink when you drop them in the water, rather than swim. Fleas are SCARY tenacious.. I had some really flea-ridden kittens once and I gave them baths and dozens and dozens of fleas clambered onto each of the kittens’ faces. I combed them off and rinsed them down the drain and they came hopping back up. I soaked the sink with soap, and then they came up the other sink’s drain. Ick. So just let them drown in the water, then flush them.

This is my buddy, the calico. I honestly have never felt like a foster kitten LOVED me like she does. It’s odd. She actually comes over to me while all the other kittens are on the mama. I feed her and then she still hangs out. I can put her in the pile of kittens and she makes her way back to me. It’s touching and strange all at the same time.

The tortie. She’s a bigg’n.

After they get full sometimes they’ll roll around on their back, being content and adorable and extremely baby-like. They raise their hands up in the air, batting at the air. So cute. I’ll try to get a video of that. The calico does that with me quite a bit. Like I said, it’s like she likes me.